All charts for Sydney (YSSY) are available from the Airservices Australia Website.

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Sydney Airport (also known as Kingsford Smith Airport) (YSSY) is Australia's busiest airport handling 33,612,270 passengers in 2009. This airport has three runways, each colloquially known as 'North-South' (16R/34L), 'East-West' (07/25) and 'Third' (16L/34R).

All necessary charts for Sydney can be found in the Airservices DAP.

Vectored Arrivals

Arrivals from New Zealand can expect to be routed via MARLN5 arrival. For most runways, this arrival ends with vectors and the controllers will vector you for the appropriate ILS or visual approach.

One-Way Taxiways

Some taxiways have been assigned for one-way traffic movements to regulate high levels of ground traffic. Unless directed otherwise by ATC, the following taxiway routes apply: