All charts for Ohakea (NZOH) are available from the VATNZ Website.

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On approach to runway 27 at Ohakea

RNZAF Ohakea (NZOH/OHA) is one of the primary airbases for the Royal New Zealand Air Force. It is not traditionally used by civilian aircraft, however it is equipped with two long runways and ILS approaches which makes it a suitable large-aircraft-alternate for Cross the Ditch events.

Real world, it is used as a diversion airport for larger jets in the event that Auckland or Christchurch International Airports are closed due to weather.

Ohakea during civilian flight diversion operations

The apron area is not designed to handle large numbers of airliners, and the parking spot definitions are not particularly consistent between simulator sceneries, so it is likely that if a significant number of aircraft are on the ground at once, some unrealistic maneuvures (ie: taxiing across grass areas) will be required. If you are uncomfortable with this, you are again strongly advised to use a smaller aircraft and fly to the event's primary airport!

Arriving pilots should indicate to the controller whether they will be departing again from Ohakea and if so at what time. This will enable controllers to better arrange aircraft on the ground to minimise conflicts and the need for irregular activities.

Note: terminal space is limited in the default FSX scenery. Pilots should ensure they have FS set to ignore damage from contact with other aircraft as the confined space increases the chances of other pilots connecting to the network in your location. Pilots wishing to spectate after their arrival should advise the controller of their intention upon arrival so that they can be directed to a location that will avoid obstructing other aircraft.

RNAV Arrivals

Flights arriving at Ohakea from Australia can expect to be assigned one of the following arrivals depending on the active runway:


Flights departing Ohakea for Brisbane can expect to be assigned one of the following departures depending on the active runway: