All charts for Melbourne (YMML) are available from the Airservices Australia Website.

Recommended add-on scenery for Melbourne is listed here.

Melbourne Airport (YMML) is Australia's second busiest airport and the primary international airport serving the Melbourne metropolitan area. The airport is 23km north of the city centre and the site is considered its own suburb. Compared to Sydney, Melbourne is a relatively simple airport to fly into or out of.

All necessary charts for Melbourne can be found in the Airservices DAP.


Arrivals from central and southern New Zealand (Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown), should expect to be assigned one of the following arrivals depending on the active runway:


Aircraft departing outbound to the New Zealand airports should expect the CORRS 9 (CORRS9) departure.

Land and Hold Short Operations

In high density traffic and when winds permit, Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO) might be used. The only pair of runways which can be used during times like these are runways 27 and 34. Runway 27 is the passive runway with a length of 2,256m and runway 34 is the active runway with a shortened length of 2,638m. It will be advised in the ATIS if LAHSO is currently being used and you will be asked if you are able to hold short. If you are unsure, refuse the LAHSO clearance.