Note: All charts for Tahiti (NTAA) are available from the AIP Overseas France Website.


Tahiti - Faa'a (icao: NTAA; iata: PPT) is the major airport for the French territory of French Polynesia. Famed for its unique combination of French and Polynesian culture, Tahiti is one of the South Pacific's major international tourist destinations.

It has one runway - 04/22. To the north of the field is the ocean; to the south rapidly rising terrain. There are no runway-end taxiways and the terminal is located roughly one third along the runway from the 04 end, so all departures and long-running arrivals will require a back-track.

The main terminal is on the South apron, containing several stands supporting large airliners (P0 - P3) as well as a number for smaller aircraft. There is limited parking for large jet aircraft on the North apron. The only airliner access for the aprons is via the South Entry and North Entry taxiways respectively.


Flights departing Tahiti for Fiji, Samoa, or New Zealand can expect to be assigned one of the following departures depending on the active runway.