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Apia - Faleolo International Airport (icao: NSFA; iata: APW) is the major airport for the nation of Samoa. As well as providing access to Samoa's capital, the airport is a key regional tourism hub.

It has one runway - 08/26. The airport is located on the northwestern shore of the island, with rising terrain to the south and east. The terminal and apron are located at the eastern end of the runway, so pilots should be aware that back-tracking may be required.

The apron contains only three stands. If there are no stands available, pilots will be asked to board/deboard their aircraft on the grass area immediately to the west of the marked stands, between taxiways B and C. If you intend to remain at the airport for an extended period - for example, to observe other aircraft - please advise the controller of your intentions and move your aircraft to the grass area.

RNAV Arrivals

Runway 08 is equipped with an ILS and both runways are served by RNAV approaches.

Flights from Tahiti can expect to be assigned on of the PONAT RNAV arrivals depending on the active runway or the FALFA ONE ALFA arrival if they are unable to fly the RNAV procedure. Because of the likelihood of backtracks on the runway for arrivals and departures, pilots should anticipate being asked to join the hold at the IAF (DINAR or FALFA).


Flights departing Apia for New Zealand can expect to be assigned the AROXA departure.