Note: All charts for Hamilton (NZHN) are available from the VATNZ Website.

Hamilton Airport (NZHN)

Hamilton International Airport (NZHN/HLZ) serves New Zealand's fourth largest city, and the surrounding Waikato region. As well as seeing significant domestic traffic, it is also a growing international gateway with flights to several Australian destinations.

The main runway (18L/36R) is 2,195m (7,202ft) and is serviced by a terminal area to the east of the runway.

Because of the runway length, and the fact that back-tracking is required at both ends, most real-world flights are operated by B763 or below.

The passenger apron and terminal is to the east of the runway at mid-field. Pilots need to backtrack for arrivals and departures and should endeavour to do so as quickly as is possible to minimise delays to other flights.

Note: terminal space is limited in the default FS scenery. Pilots should ensure they have FS set to ignore damage from contact with other aircraft as the confined space increases the chances of other pilots connecting to the network in your location. Pilots wishing to spectate after their arrival should request taxi to parking either on the west side of the runway, or on the grass area to the north of the passenger apron.

RNAV Arrivals

All Hamilton STARs are now RNAV only. Pilots unable to fly the RNAV arrivals should indicate this in their flight plan, and inform controllers on initial contact in order to receive vectors to the VOR/DME or visual approach.

Flights from Port Vila can expect to be assigned one of the following arrivals depending on the active runway.

Note: there is no ILS approach at Hamilton. Pilots should expect either an RNAV, VOR/DME, or visual approach.


Flights departing Hamilton for Hobart can expect to be assigned one of the following departures depending on the active runway.