Pago Pago

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Pago Pago International Airport

Pago Pago International (icao: NSTU; iata: PPG) is the primary airport for the United States territory of American Samoa. Located in the United States' southernmost Pacifc Island territory, Pago Pago has a rich aviation history as a key refueling location for trans-Pacific commercial flights during the pre-ETOPS era of aircraft, and in support of US military and Antarctic programmes.

Its main runway - 05/23 - is capable of servicing large jets. An additional shorter runway - 08/26 - is only available to light aircraft and is typically used only as a taxiway to access the northern end of the main runway.

The main terminal is to the southwest of the two runways, containing a limited number of adjacent stands. In the event of large traffic flows, pilot may be required to board/deboard their aircraft at remote stands or on the grass areas adjacent to the taxiways.


Vectors to Approach

There are no published STARs for Pago Pago International.

Flights arriving in Pago Pago can expect vectors to the initial approach fix for the active runway.


Vectors to Flight Planned Route

There are no published SIDs for Pago Pago International.

Flights departing Pago Pago can expect vectors to the initial fix on their flight planned route.

Limited Parking Available

Pago Pago has a limited number of gates available.

Gates will be allocated on an as-available basis. If the airport is particularly busy, you may be asked to board/deboard your aircraft in an overflow parking area - eg: on an unused apron area, or on a grass area adjoining the apron. This doesn't always reflect real-world operations, but may be necessary to handle the much-larger-than-real-world traffic flows at some event airports.

If you intend to remain at the airport for an extended period after arriving - for example, to observe the other aircraft - please advise the controller of your intentions and request taxi to a grass area to allow other pilots use of the gates.

*** Make sure your sim is set to ignore collisions with other aircraft. ***