Gold Coast

All charts for Gold Coast (YBCG) are available from the Airservices Australia Website.

Recommended add-on scenery for Gold Coast is listed here.

Gold Coast Airport (YBCG/OOL) serves the tourist mecca of the Gold Coast/Surfers Paradise area. It is one of the fastest growing airports in the Oceania region, with passenger numbers close to tripling over the last decade.

All necessary charts for Gold Coast can be found in the Airservices DAP.

Pilots should be aware that the default FS scenery does not contain the taxiway at the extreme southern end of runway 14/32: taxiway C terminates in what is indicated as taxiway K on the current airport charts.


Flights arriving from New Zealand should expect the LAMSI 1A RNAV arrival. This feeds into either the ILS-Z or RNAV-Z approaches for Runway 14, or the RNAV-Z approach for Runway 32.

The LAMSI 1Y RNAV arrival is also available for pilots wishing to fly either the RNAV-Y RWY 14 or RNAV-Y RWY 32 approaches.

Note: there is no ILS approach for Runway 32 at Gold Coast. If runway 32 is the active, pilots should expect an RNAV approach, or by request one of the VOR, NDB, or visual approaches.


Pilots departing for New Zealand should expect the GOLD COAST FIVE (CG5) radar departure, with vectors to the filed route.